Realtime Visibility of Turn Around operations

Discover blind spots, pedict delays & improve predictability in operations.

Safety Adherence & SOP Compliance in Oil & Gas

Attain High Safety Standard by eliminating deviations, Automate operations & control on multiple locations.

Automation in Port Operations

Improve throughput, reduce turn-around time, 100% visibility, automate entry & exit.

Operational Efficiency Improvement in Steel Plant

Digitization & Visibility in over all operations, Comparison with SOPs & delay identification.

Quality Inspection & Profiling in Product Manufacturing

Identify defects in early stages, accurate profiling of products, Continuous monitoring of process & overall improvement in operations.

What we do

We undertake research to understand business problem, process & actors, challenges & impact. With our product & OEM partners, we provide complete end to end solution to customer problems with clear focus on ROI, decision making tools to realize benefits & deliver powerful UI/UX to reduce risk of adoption. We work with various partners to bring the right technology with a balance on cost, resilience & durability.​

Understand Business Problems

Research & Solution Design

Delivery with Performance


We are a bunch of young, hungry minds with a mix of grey hair industry veterans who take pride in solving customer problems such as Productivity Improvement, Quality Inspection & Safety/Security solution by leveraging IoT, Camera AI & edge computing. For the last 5 years of innovative product & solutions innovations, we have won many awards from Boeing, CISCO, Rolls Royce & are elite members of Nasscom Deeptech, THub, Plug And Play, Start AD.​


Our team has built deep expertise on IoT, Camera & Machine Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data & Analytics, Cloud & Edge Compute, Mobile & Web Applications with industry focused solutions for Aviation, Ports, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing. Some of the solutions include a) Smart Airport to deliver additional flights with same infrastructure & resource utilization uptick by 10% b) Oil & Gas – 99.8% AI driven solution to automate Cylinder count or defect leakage detection c) Steel Industry – heat cycle productivity improvement leading to 10% uptick in revenue or real time product quality inspection leading to significant loss reduction​

Camera & Machine Vision


Mobile & Web Applications

Artificial Intelligence

Big Data & Analytics

Cloud & Edge Compute

Our Products

Edge Connect To Integrated Workflows

Camera AI

Cutting edge technology that converts cameras into human intelligence. Does Non-intrusive events recognition, Captures Situations, Humans, Products & operations, coupled with Rules Driven AI Engine which gives Business Outcomes as Operational insights, proof of service & Quality Inspection. Gives Real-time Visibility & helps in Prompt decision making. Overall Time & Cost savings.

IoT 4G

Bespoke 4G Dual SIM gateway with optimised power consumption to detect operations for Aviation industry. Capable of integrating wide variety of sensors, driving 3V to 12V power devices, multiple analogue/digital interfaces in industrial grade IP65 casing.


Enables Biometric authentication, Contactless / Paperless Access Control, Improve Passenger Experience & Retail Analytics.



Operations Automation

  • Realtime visibility

  • Discover blindspot

  • Predictability in operations

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Container Tracking

Tracking Automation

  • Automated time stamping of entry/exit

  • Map Layout to track container movement

  • Realtime visibility of loading & Unloading Operations, Predictions 

  • Automated timestamping of equipment operations, Utilization

  • Analytics for detailed insights & Visualization .

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Plant Automation

Operational Efficiency

  • Reduces human-intervention in unsafe working conditions.

  • Alerts Control Room during breaches of Safety & Security in Plants. 

  • Establishes HSE Compliances**. 

  • Provides sigma level accuracy in the process.

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Machine Vision Inspection

Quality Inspection

  • Identifying defects in products.

  • Monitor Delays in the operation & deviation from SOPs. 

  • Improves Operational Efficiency.

  • Gives Digital Twin Visualization of the process & products**

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Port Industry

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    Amit Sukhija

    Founder & CEO | Value with best tech to customer

    Anwesh Padala

    Implementation Lead | Connect 2x pieces to make product live

    Alkesh Karamkar

    Presales & Solution | Solve customer problem

    Shivm Katiyar

    Senior IoT Engineer | IoT Designer

    Chiranjeevi Venkata

    Tech Lead | Tech, Algo, Arch

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    We have a major issue of aircraft assets pilferage during flight operations. We are very satisfied with aircraft compliant sensors for assets tracking.


    | Private Airport

    Realtime visibility of turn around operations with integration of passenger journey to reduce wait times is a priority area for us & ZestIOT has come up with an innovative platform. We are convinced with trials & would like to go ahead with pilots at Delhi Airport.


    | Private Airport

    Predictability in operations is the single most important factor for airport operations & ZestIOT AviLeap seems a promising product with huge potential. Best part is non intrusive sensors based solution to measure KPIs in realtime.


    | Private Airport

    Passenger analytics with eboarding integration using ZestIOT edge computing is a breakthrough innovation – probably first of its kind at airports across the globe.


    | Private Airport

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